Monday, January 30, 2006

You (2006)

There are certain laws that are universally followed, and universally applicable.
The law of gravity, for instance.
The law of thermodynamics.
Einstein's theory of relativity.
The law of attraction
is an eccentric
a glamorous smile
coated in slick layers of self indulgence
opulent pearls
and killer thighs
in demurely wrapped jersey knit
it frequents
starry skies
odd backrooms
crowded theaters
and spaces within the mind that are too
small not to share with
neighboring souls
it is the inconsistency of streetlight, rain, clouds and thunder
on a rainy evening
it is
the feeling I get
when I happen to feel
your gaze
cross my shoulder
and rest on my collarbone
it is
of the way you say my name
in a language I do not speak
but know by heart

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