Sunday, January 29, 2006

the pimpstress(1993)

I included this to remind me of my progression from my formative poetry. I think I was feeling angry at all the gangsta rap alpha male music so popular at the time...either that or too many foxy brown movies...

she wuz a crazy woman
they all said
one kiss of her lips
would leave a brotha sho-nuff dead
catwalk, sidewalk, elevator, thighmaster
left your little fella on "e"
and your mindset on laughter
if pleasure was the treasure that the girl sold all day
then she sold sho'nuff to be nickednamed payday
then out of the woods
this brotha stood
waiting and able to see if the fable
was all good
pimp daddy
pimp daddy can try your wares?
yes daddy, I'm all yours she said
and the pimp thought he was in there
she's just a trick thought the pimp
i'll play her like some cards
thought that she was poision but she ain't too dang hard
Never underestimate a woman's magic all u men
cauze he started screaming mercy mama when she hit the skins
walk that walk
baby talk that talk
Thought we'd be together forever? Thought that I'd be yours, she said
as she handcuffed his hands to the post of the bed
and proceeded to kiss his lips his thumb
and made him (hum)
till kingdom come
then kissed him with her shiny gun
and watched his lips quiver and tears run
You must be insane, he said, you must be insane
Insanity she said baby is my middle name
and so the very next day the obituary read
another dumb brother caught slippin by a pimpstress
and now is sho'nuff dead.

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