Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Purposefully positioned

Purposefully positioned

I stop and listen
For the sound of my name
From your heart
Like a stringed thing
A wondrous winged thing
I know every step is perfect in your hand

My soul calls to you
Even when my heart declines to answer
Mended my broken limbs
You made me a dancer
When I had no eyes to see
You showed me colors that dazzled the mind
When I had no mouth to speak
Your word stood and shined
My soul calls to you
What a precious gift to find

Whatever my heart seeks
It is in your delight
Only you can make the darkness
Set to light
Like a butterfly on a branch
I am positioned in your hand
Your spirit has moved the unmovable mountain
The unmalleable face of my deepest fear
I am tender in the aching places
But the touch of you heals


And my soul cries out
and my soul calls out
and my mind yearns for you
how good it is to be loved
how good it is to be loved
how good my God loves
God loves.....

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


you never said a word

Your outwardly jutting ears
your chubby cheeks
converge in familiar

a fault in
smack in the center of the
carefully positioned
puzzled frown
that spreads dangles
as clearly as a participle
or a lock of curls

your pouty lips
sweet and powdery
and full of memory
invade the corners of my eyes
unparelled an unrivaled soverignty
of the mighty river
that flows

your nose curled up in a mischevious
unmitigatedly willfil scowl
as soft as baby hair
on a rounded apple head

I am reminded of all the times you said
You know you've got to watch your face

the same face that you make when you're lying
is the face you make when you're loving
this is the irony of your seasons

the pause is discernable
as I see your guilty eyes
at me
in the shadows of the photograph

tellin' all your business
in black and white