Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Your respite

Be still

When the roving bands of

Want roam the valley of your soul’s earth

When heaven and earth

Eclipse at the meeting of your mouth

When the sound of your own sorrow

Fills the lungs with soulless wind

As time touches your cheeks

In tepid tears

Be still

All creation kneels in eight perfect

Octaves of applause

Shifting the light to display billions born to sing

His operatic praises

Take heart,

Knowing it is yours

God hears


a schizophrenic summer
of ungentle dreaming

the maiming of the mind
bleeding hot laughter
their rage destroys
simple screams

Monday, January 22, 2007


pleased percipitiously
dropped her shiny and new attitude
as punch entered
drunk as usual

"pangea unearthed"

bends towards nature's
rustling weight

chilling stars branch
with poised possibility

delicious dusts
each desire
free as a thousand boughs fallen