Monday, January 30, 2006

Love Cliches for Women (The Old Wives Speak) (2006)

Listen to what your mama said
Don’t trust a man whose quick to bed
Don’t trust a man who moves to fast
And won’t reveal to you his past

Listen to what you’re grandma said
There is a difference between infatuation and love
You want him to be there when the going gets tuff
And not just as long as you’ve got luck

Listen to what your sister said
Cause if he acts like Mister she might kill him dead
Don’t let him hit you to subdue your soul
A man will walk with you when he’s spiritually whole

Listen to what your best friend said
Potential may get you a second date, but will it cross finish line?
Ask what they’re selling ‘for you say you’re buyin’
And make sure that he’s got two scoops of character
With all that fiiiine

Listen to what the old women say
You need a man who knows how to watch and pray
You need a man who knows when he’s found a good thing
And will give his life
to hear yours sing

And after all the old wives have had their say
Listen to your heart, be still and pray
And allow the Lord to have his voice
You won’t be disappointed in his choice

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