Monday, January 30, 2006

Without Asking (2004)

A clean cut hat and a million dollar smile
a folded bill in the hand of a nephew or cousin who was graduating on or moving up
"Here baby, this is for you."
He always remembered that they were family first
and family helps family
And although he had no children he had more than he ever knew
He always walked with his head up and like he was going somewhere even though the world probably told him that he wasn't a time or two

It didn't seem to bother him He never let a day go by without telling
God thank you

The praise tumbling from his lips and falling into new thirsty ears planted and watered by his example

Years later his carefully given words blossomed flowers of wisdom that grew up to touch the sun and he'd laugh a little in the way that only old southern men can because it is their way
Yes, Lord, that is their way.
Brought up by hand he wrote, not e-mailed Regal red brown hands wrote in a smiling sprawl letters to those close to his heart
And on the best of days he spent quiet sunsets looking into Irene's eyes and making sure she had warm socks for her feet
You never forget the things that people do out of love not wanting anything just giving everything just because that is their way

For Cousin Dessia By Michelle Milam

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