Monday, January 30, 2006

Happy Birthday (2005)

Too busy defending ourselves to look each other in the eye

Living in an impure world
Nobody looks anybody straight in the face
Except for an honest man
And he is immediately suspect

I’ve never seen so many people
Read such big intentions
Into small actions
Second guess everyone’s motives
A quiet moment becomes a blow off
A misspoken word becomes a malicious intent
a mistake becomes sabotage
insecurity is seen as street savvy
the trusting person as a fool
So clever we don’t even trust our own self, you hear?
Not none of dat, they don’t really care about me crazy?

Too busy defending ourselves to look each other in the eye

we all seem to be so concerned that someone else is going to do us in
stamp our sand castle
blow out our birthday candle
that we refuse to invite anyone else to our party
Instead we spend out precious moments guarding
Our precious moments
Moments we’ll never have because we’re busy protecting ourselves

Could it be in our rush to take up the swords of offense
We’ve punctured the brightly wrapped birthday package
Full of our birthright
Good moments
That God couldn’t give us
Because we were too busy defending ourselves to look

Michelle Milam

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