Monday, November 30, 2009

Welcome to the New Worth Watering Blog

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The line

Never outdone.
Never out maneuvered.
Flies even when falling.

Has learned more from mistakes
Than success.
And success is no accident.

Looking into a soul of a native son
That has spanned many lifetimes
But always seems to know its way home

Landscapes of archetypes
Drawing still forms, in raging skies
In sharp curves
Like the line of a pencil
Before it breaks
He sees the shape of things to come
And pushes the led weight
Holding the line
Until the line becomes art

And yet, in the stillness,
There is the quiet space
Of a heart that has seen the dark bend of the road
And yet, dared to walk
And today, that heart will walk the walk
They said you would never
Never letting the world know
How high the price was

God wants you to know that
He sees. And hears.
And God too is a lawman. And an artist. And a visionary.
And he too has put the pen to the paper
Seeking to push the line.
And even when it is hard to believe
He believed in you.