Monday, January 30, 2006

Cotton candy blues (1997)

(spoken word)
I got the blues like cotton candy
and trust me, things ain't all that dandy
you gon' need a hearing aid to try to understand me
much like those glasses you'll be needing for your eyes
cause you can't see it like shoes with a hole
worn like Jordans to the soul
cause possession got four "s" es in it an I say all them catches be mine
for you sneak inside my soul
try to put some fruit loops in my bowl
and take every last drop of the milk down to the last drip
you better be careful before you ellipse and slip
as you be do'woppin' like a corner quartet
smooth talking out that hornet's nest
picnic basketing my love
only to sleep...ah that's the rub
because sugar, cotton candy blues iced with spice
ain't what lil girls these days is made of, aiight?
See you can't just think love with kool aid and gin
rosary bead it and hog tie it then
expect it is gonna run again, Finnegan
like a V-* engine with four wheel suspension
it is all contingent
on my free will
on my freedom
I'm free from love that's fast and passe
looking better from far away
like a Monet
shallow yet aesthetic kind of love
But you still could be the one I'm dreaming of
and man I wish you would stop all that wheeling and dealing
cotton love that's got me feeling
like I'm carbon popcorn on the ceiling
passion fruit lips I found so appealing
are like cotton candy when in your mouth it fades away
and I just wish you could stop
and ask
my name
for once
and stop all that caramel apple totem'
busting sugar shots and steady hopin'
you could teach me somethin' 'bout devotion
cauze you're giving me a toothache, love
and when I rinse my mouth out after meals I don't eat again
I said, when I rinse my mouth out after meals I don't taste the treat again

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