Monday, January 30, 2006

just a free flow (2004)

When love calls
You better answer….
Yes the love this morning
Is sweet
It woke me up
It turned me around
It made be go over where I went over
And get over
Went under
And get up
Where I fell down
This love called
And I had to answer
I tried to hide from it
Pretend not to notice
From under my honey magazine
Look the other way at the kwik way stand
Getting some fries
You know how it is
But this love kept on calling me
Didn’t care if my hair was half did
Or my clothes were from Target
This love loved me
called me
Everyday this love sweats me
Blowing up my cellular my two way
And my hotmail
But also doing the unbelievable
This love y’all
Calls me in the sound of children’s laughter
It smiles at me here and in the here after
And when I tried to hide from it
It went to my house
And demanded to know why I wasn’t in class
It called up everybody in my family and ask why
I wanted to do it so dirty
This love is crazy, it is scandalous
Won’t take no for an answer
But why would I want to say no
Because this love does more than inspire passion
It inspires me to grow
Told me to wake up child
And be encouraged
This love tells me that he knew me before I ever was
And he knows all that I will ever be
Even when I don’t listen
This love tells me I’m more
Than you can ever ask
This one will call me out in the street
By my first middle and last
And have me embarrassed to walk past
Like he ain’t ask
So when love calls
I don’t screen my machine no more
I don’t dodge the e-mail
Or check the caller ID
Because I know when this love calls
I know it knows me
And all I can say
Is that when love calls
You better answer…..

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