Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Match (2006)

mm's disclaimer<----no linguist, just lover of words

for chad and angie

she takes the shot
that no one will
gives as she gets

at her best
is worst
she eats the olives whole
drinks life to the rocks
and emerges smiling

un mami que lucha hermoso, he says...

He winces from
pulitzer prize punches that
and move
forcing time to travel

she is thunder, rain, and lightning

the wail of ten thousand
drums pounding in a symphony of wills

she is zora, loving herself when laughing

esté suave conmigo, mi mujer de guerrero
ame conmigo, mi reina
mi mujer

the swift impact of her look
stills the earth
subdues the skies
and the hearts of men
he sees himself in her eyes

usted es bailarín beautuful, mami
he says

mujer de azul
mujer de la verdad
mi mujer
él susurra caliente y breathy en su oído

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