Monday, February 13, 2006

Distant (2006)

Full Moon by Merril

with you
warmth between us
the empty
house full
of familiar ghosts

i remember you

stormy shades of
purple and white
sprays of light
carve the landscape
of an open window

I can feel the flutter
of your heavy heart
the soft smile
of your mind

You make me want to keep going
Yet I know you will respect my resistance

Words are leaving the ground and taking flight
See, how peaceful it is, you say.

Yet the guilt is a wincing wind
that clouds the light
strattles us
like unanswered questions

I fall asleep
in the beaches of your
feeling protected by whispering waves

a dream,
there is a cold in the room
it whips through the house
rattling the windchime with
troubled icy tolls
with ego and spirit
I wake up drenched
bitter cold

You put your arm
around me
and ask if everything is alright

my breath stills
words freeze
thoughts are dark swirling questions
truth hits me stinging my lips like rain

I am stunned by what I see

the cold
in the room
is you

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Anonymous said...

often we find the spirit of loneliness in a crowded room.