Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The dreamcatchers circa 1975-2006

For the generation that never marched....

learning white tipped wings
icy against green spring
cannot stand glass jars

thinking of rivers
we swam
like salmon

living on pennies
lost in small spaces

holding history
with our feet becuase
hands are tied

actin' polite
to the mannerless

fighting to eat together
yet dining alone

looking for the last
good gumball in the machine

wishing that the road
less traveled
were better lit

loving in red because
blue leaves us
bitter and white

caressing angry words
disguised by
smiling cursive

bringing home
treasures in brown
paper bags

living in pieces
of a love yet to be assembled

closing the door
on what was
when the scent remains

knowing that like relativity
all things
come back to motion

and the movement moves on....

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