Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Marcus and Patricia

(sometimes the characters come alive..)

Oriole Slugger
Cat in the hat lover
Lives to paint

He’s gotta heart of thunder
And lightening
That frightens her
Into fierce defense
Ready for the pitch

He waits
And wants
Cotton candy mouthed
For her

Never has such a whole
Made him feel more like a man
Bold, bodacious brassiness
So warm and real
He watches her
With a quiet awe

This woman he’s been fussing with all his life
This woman who knows his every scar
From roller blade to handlebar
This woman who tells him
The truth even when he’d rather hear the lie
This woman who has leaned into the curve of his lonely arm
And made it a home

Beautiful women must camp out at your doorstep
She says
What would you want with me?

He smiles
Woman, awiite.

If only she would let him love her
With the lights on
Love her changing seasons
The rushed
penciled in notes to herself
The butterfly wing tips that span her dreams
Wider than she thinks
Her hips are, when she smooths them
Self consciously
And pulls on the short wisps of her hair

This woman who lives loud
And is ashamed
This woman who survived the cruelest love
This woman who knows his heart like the back of his hand
This woman who was done wrong
Yet did right
This woman he has been fussing with all his life
He knows her every scar
Butterscotch kisses each truth with love

As they stand there in the
August rain
White walls parted by a smooth black sky
His heavy heart longs to remind her:

His lips long to taste her
Beautiful women camp outside his door
This woman is
the one
the only one
He lets in

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