Sunday, July 23, 2006


it is the hottest summer on record

the concrete

I want some ice cream
she said sheepishly
long legs
bare feet and delicate toes
kissing the dashboard

pretty baby,
look at you
spoiling that baby already
he whispers
his hands rubbing her thigh

You know what that means,
my son gonna be black
as that chocolate

Or black as you
she teased and rolled her eyes

go get us some
rocky road
he'd told her
I'll wait right here

he was
dressed in a
clean crisp white
cabana shirt
and pants
which his mother
sent from the islands
sweat from
indian summer colored
as the subwolfers blared

"trying ta catch me riding dirty...."

as she walks into the supermarket
she is enveloped in cool
she stands before the chill breath
of the freezer
forcing her to decide
wondering if she should get
georgia peach instead
yet she lets that thought go
and pays

Dressed in a short white
peasant skirt
and sweat
full swollen brown belly
peaking from under
her white t-shirt
reddish tinged
hair fried dorm the 105 degree heat
she exits
in front of the
standing on the sun
her right foot
pointed south

upon existing
her skirt sticks to her skin
liquid white
she sees nothing
no suburban
no kealen
nothing except the flat ugly parking lot
full of people
swarming like flies around her

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