Monday, August 21, 2006

Moving day

I try to 'cop a 'tude/ like I don't care/because it hurts less that way/because the risks are so great/the returns so infrequent/because they never love me, but the idea of me/beacause i always said it would be the man that couldn't walk away who would have me/cauze walking is a man's sport/and I have known the stars/cauze above all else I come with my own things and i don't need nothin' on nobody's lay-a-way that i cannot afford

and then--- you.

maybe it is

the ripple of your
as it hits my ear
and I flinch
from the reverberation
of your pen


the poised
syllables strong as Armageddon

or the fact that you boldly
call me out on my own porch
them fightingwords
pulling me close
until the sultry moment sticks
to my clenched fists
like cologne on your skin

but I
I breath heavily, pause, and lean in
to the dampness of you

maybe it is

the prolific pause
of your lips
kissing life
drowning me in volumes of
words I wouldn't even whisper


simply that
I need
to need

All I know is
I'm in that kind of mood right now--
them fine lines
are cracking
me like the break before the rush
reflective gaze is blowing my limbs
like trees swallowed by a storm
I'm aching for your awe


if you stand up
in your full majesty
if your eyes search to know me
if your fingers
my face
I just might break
I just might return
I just might be moved

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