Friday, March 10, 2006

I used to write my name in color (2006)

i used to write my name
unyielding rainbows
and bubble letters
and italics
and with accents
until the crispness of the page
rebuked my itinerant soul
and so I acclimated
to blacks and blues

i color my my dreams in a lisping
glassy pools of purple
red and blue
hues sashay through
rivers of wind
and end
shining skin
on a blackened concrete stage

i am an empire
in utter ruin
that won't strike back
finding myself in lost spaces
loosing my self
in familiar names
one in all,
all in the same

tired of changing a locked game

freeze frame
i'm in motion
high tide inside a still ocean
trying to remember from which way I came
i reclaim my
but loving mind
beside the road
where children eat pickles
and pick poppies
and wonder
when why we
run so fast

How did i forget
the source of my strength?
Was it when i laid by the side of the road
to take a drink in an oasis
Or was it when I closed myself off to the possibility
of infinite

or was it when I
pulled a new
practical, smoothly leaded
pointed it into space
and wrote my name
in gray
of color?

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