Friday, March 10, 2006

Advice (For Jill Scott Experience, 2000)

The beauty of still
Of a clean thought
A buoyant hope
A measured mind
The flour of spring
That rises
In a warm heart
And serves many

Jill, the beauty of still
Diamond in the hand
Commanding that man
To look at her
And stand

Her man
See he can’t be faded
Waded through shallow beauties
And found him some gold
That he holds
Like it is
His destiny

Quick trip on that song
In her head
That got you up
Set on complex
in simple

Wrap your mind around
That twinkling
Vision of
Fresh drifts of
In a song

And don’t be alarmed
Because no two are alike

Like mama
She says
Baby, never say never,
But say no often

Until often becomes
Maybe then
And maybe then

Chases you until the crescendo ---

Let him love you
Like you’re the light in a window

And never forget
That you’re his star


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The Humanity Critic said...

That's a great piece..