Friday, March 31, 2006

Help Wanted

She faxes
She phones
And dials

From her desk
A collage of pictures
A taped tapestry
Of first steps
And schools
And proms
Brings a tear and then a smart to her eyes

Sitting at her still computer screen
A cool leaded pencil lies at her right hand, undisturbed
She shuffles paper effortlessly
And files them into multi-colored categories
Layed out on her desk
Pink for budgets
Blue for memos
Red for action items

As the day mulls along little disturbs her
Humming rhythm of ritual
Few seem to notice her pensive eyes
Flustered hands
Pushed pace
Affixed efficiencies

They glower at her when a deal goes bad,
Or a glitch intrudes, directing
And demanding

They go out for drinks
And functions
To socialize and network

And lament about how hard it is to find good help

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