Friday, March 10, 2006

Acts of Living (For Bathers) 2006

I wear gardenias in my hair
And listen to the strumming lull
Of autistic fingers
Breaking free

peace is a song
an unsullied adulterating
in this house of pain

In ritual
I speak languages I forgot I remembered
Bath in unspoken desires
Walk on watermarked reds
Floating in a blue bay

I am dancing the
cool white
wades of wishes
Flow into a willing

Here there are no judgements
No reality
Only me
i am all the things i think
i cannot

I hold my lover’s hand with a cooling
symbiotic smells
of swirling salts
cleanse the mind
and dampen damnation
at least for a day

I am more here
than I am there
when away

Luxuriating in the
act of living

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