Friday, March 23, 2007

daring acts of repentance reached by name

your eyes
petal soft
they always come into me like this
brown like leaves

where do they go?

a tormented soul
a struggling dialect
a windy kiss you leave
branches and grass and leaves uprooted
in your path

the calm in you spills into me
like an inlet
filling the rocks and hardened paths
that no man had crossed

i am engulfed in your potential
halos of yellow and red
floral meccas melt into my feet
crushed only by the sheer weight of my desire
of my mahalia moment

and in this moment, I love you like I never loved before, because I know you.

I gave into you once
yielded to your deceptive beauty
your warm rivers and lakes
so sweet in my malleable mouth

this is the curse of competency
you are the empty ache
no amount of human love will quench

I rounded your rocky shoulders
heaving and brooding with the
thickness of what you lost

I have been habored by your hope
floated in your delicious delicate parts
bathed by the unearthly beauty
that never seems to settle, but unnerve

I have been caught in your
red song of rage
that beautiful quiet rush of roses
swept into the torrents of your
baited breath
as you sigh, so unsatisfied

We could have been great
but could is an auxiliary verb
it does not invert

like the wind
It comes bringing things it collects
and it leaves

my eyes meet yours
and I know you
your lakes and rivers
your firestorms
your tender branches
your cold caverns

and I thank God
for freedom to love you
and let you go

the last kiss
is mine
it is red roses
it is yellow flowers
it is bright bridges
over the troubled lands of you
it is gentle wishes
and an endearing love
that endures your changing seasons
it falls upon the moon cast in my eyes
then yours
then lips
touching the very center of you
loving the very heart of
what could be

and parting
with the ease
of calm waters

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