Monday, April 09, 2007

The me, interrupted, recalled.

Today I remembered something I'd long forgotten
like a conversation or keys
or those blasted gold sandals which must be
somewhere in the back of my mama's closet

I was looking for my past and I found her
riding in the backseat of the
maroon Javelin
circa 1975
bright radiant
tickling the corners of her
a passerby
waves back
with grin
that seems to cross continents
chromosomes, creeds, colors

I look at her
skin smooth brown cake
echoing eyes
that shine

and I remember
how it felt
to be me
back then

I smiled to myself
in spite of myself
in spite of the miles and miles of
mud that I have walked through
hitchhiking on other people's images of who they
think I am

Next time I see her,
I'll be riding, too
and I'll wave back

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