Thursday, July 06, 2006

Bearing All Things

or when

not just us,
but them

he forgives,
not only for the given
but to the offered and for the refused

preserving integrity
in the sea of the perused and used

shhh.. it's a secret

more than the verb
but the core of the word
splintered adjectives and nouns
stand still
as he moves

he is the light on the dark face
of men who seek
their own salvation

in his absence
they mourn his rays
calling the world to wake

his hands bear the hate
her eyes believe the hope
and his seasons never fail

he washes the face
of fear
still knowing it has a time

he is
the act
the stage
the soul of the star

in his true form, omnipresent

the sister to hope
the mother of faith
only as happy
as the saddest child

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