Sunday, September 14, 2008

How’s My Driving?

(Written in January 2008)

How are you driving into your new year?

Have you given yourself license to do all the things that you said
You would not, could not do?
Have you made resolutions anew
Or are you still scratching waiting on a clue?

How are you driving into your new year?

Do you imagine yourself rolling in that big bodied Benz that wanted so badly
That you woke up with a four door leather interior taste on your lips
Until you realized it was just your pillow
Are you so focused on the glits and glamour of
Everybody and lodie dottie are doing that
You fail to notice that your license says your vision ain’t 20/20

Are you starving for your soul in the land of plenty?

Hey, How are you driving into your New year?

Have you come up on the bumper of a Sunday driver called Patience
Mad because he won’t get out your way?
Psheww… Was that you I saw you flying down 580
Changing lanes faster than Baskin Robins changes the flavor of the month
riding on rims of sold our dreams just ‘tending to be crunk?

Hey, How are you driving into your New year?

Tell me darling
Are old acquaintances riding with you in the front seat?
Hollering out the passenger side
Telling doubt, fear, jealousy, bitterness and hate they can ride in YO’ ride?

Honey, Who is driving you into your new year?

Did you forget that those signals like

And my favorite, ONE WAY ONLY?

Did you take time from your frenzied automotive flight
To pump your brakes
And hold on tight
As you reached that red light

And a road called the cross?

Did your bring your insurance before you counted the cost
That was paid in full
With a manufacturers guarantee

Or are you with that other insurer

Tell me, how are you driving into your new year?

Are you running on empty
Full of the cheap gas
Of life lived too fast

Are you looking for the living waters
Holyghost octane, spectacular mileage
That will trump your gold gas card any day
And check this out the best thing about it
Is after you pump, you don’t pay?

Who is driving you into your new year?
Look around, go speed racer are all coasts clear?
For you to lean over,
Unfasten your safety belt
Switch seats

And make room for the master.

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