Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Rock

Got a pocket full of rocks to throw
but my burden is heavy
Beautiful Black angels
Regal ravens soar like seagulls
Call on God
But leave the devil to develop the details
Golden dreams and shell casings
Alliterative allegories litter the sidewalks
And I wonder when we stopped standing on the rock
That was firm
Rock House
Build your house on the solid rock
Or see it blow away with the wind
As the world turns taciturn realities become loquacious
Quiver and give it voice
Because we act like we don’t have a choice
But God revealed to me
That the sea is whatever it perceives
And on the solid foundation we must build our dreams
Or get swallowed by an ocean
That cares nothing of our stability
Everybody seems enchanted by the American dream
Golden gleams hitting the eyes, boom, superlatives
Feasting on the peak of a mountaintop
Still have not learned that our golden calves
Are what keeps us bound
Still looking to be found
And trouble is a willing bounty hunter

We marched in Selma
Like Jericho
Went from We shall overcome
To just say no
Glib slogans to disguise the fact
That as a people God is calling us back
Abandoned the church because
Some wolves hurt the sheep
Threw salt in our wounds
But if the salt looses its flavor
What good its it?
Did we not learn from Israel
God didn’t deliver us from the chains of bondage
To wander around looking for them...?
I think it is time for my people
To come back home, come back home

Got a pocket full of rocks to sell,
so my burden is heavy
Beautiful Black Angels in bondage
On the block
Live for the rock
Give for the rock
Put that on their unborn kids for the rock
Cry for the rock
Yes, die for the rock
Do anything to hold down the block
That we ain’t even bought
And don’t own
Trading the peace of God
For steel bullets to the dome
But I think It’s time to come back home

Although rocks weight pockets
Will those rocks hold you at night?
Pray that your soul take hold into flight?
Will it lay down its life for you?
Pay the price for you?

We blame God for His absence and shun his presence;
and all I got is the rock
Which I stand;

Yet vengence is mine, says the Lord
and who ever is not for me is against me
Said that he came to set the captive free
Yet how will he hear you if you continue to
Sell the devil God given free?

Guess what they say is true
The kingdom of heaven is within you
So many lost soldiers are still slaves
Think they getting paid,
I wish they could only see
That the rock, they need
the rock that is the source of your salvation and strength
But will you
Live for the rock?
Give for the rock?
Put it on your unborn kids for the rock?
Cry for the rock?
Yes die for the rock?
Give everything to hold down the block
That is already bought
And paid for?
Built for your hopes on what time and death can't take?
Yes, My people, before it is too late
I think it's time to come back home
Come back home
Come back....


Drama Kween said...

*tears*...this is beautiful in so many ways...

ms mimi the mocha soulchild said...

Thank you, Kween. Sometimes I wonder if the poems I write mean anything to anyone else but me. Thank you so much for your comment.

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