Saturday, May 27, 2006

Civil Liberties

it ain't easy
being civil
when you're 'sposed to be free

the subject of opinion,
here is mine:
we are all human.
while this is a democracy
a nation of peace
can we teach what we don't practice?

our words: weapons of mass destruction

america, the beautiful brother
a coat of many colors
the joseph holder
with a vision of world rule

we cry freedom, yet the price is a souless sound
as it trickles from the eye

from fear, from violence, from oppression
of speech
that lisps
and orates

but your freedom has a price, they say, and it must be earned
so we struggle for this thing, that we are told
is ours to lose.

Peace: a universal human problem
Because the blood of baby boy with the tattooed neck
and the soldier are one with the wage
of sin

the wages of sin
is death
perhaps this is the price we pay for our freedoms

Shh. Still. Kill.
Our mission
to protect and preserve
protect our beautiful words
preserve our beautiful ideals
be they cellblocks, street yards, boarders, or nation states
and yet after we have had our words
not a beautiful thing remains

Truth is, we break our teeth on our words
and marvel at the ruins

Be accountable,
they say

Yet we are behind enemy lines everyday
footsoliders in a game we can't play
and have no chance of winning on our own
the thief comes to rob kill and destroy
yet it cannot make

Will we ever really learn?

that freedom is love
and it is free
for all those who accept
Him who paid the price

What is the price we are willing to pay
for our refusal to accept love
lay down our weapons
pride, ego, spite

For our desire to be right, we will lose our life

If we refuse to accept
neglect our inept abilities
we will be
accountable for every word uttered,
every act done

Am I the only one
or is it hard to be civil
when you're 'sposed to be free

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