Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Recall your Purple Rain (2006) (The Love/Art Series Part II)

(Ms. Mimi Drawing inspired by "Love Jones" circa 1997)
i had no intention of being bewitched
relive my purple rain moments
become captivated by the contrived
get wrapped up in pop the question culture
happy endings
skewing reality like 3d glasses in the light
in the darkened theater
a question arose
played in a b flat
posed a minor
settled in major chord
we're awash in warm purples
plum and wailing long notes
that talk in tongues
major and minor love affairs
then return,
and return
like the the coolest black man since purple rain
reminding us
of us
and every-once-and-awhile
amidst the high fare of ticket prices
and the yellow alliteration of
popcorn cinema
relive your purple rain moments
they just may come true


Ddot the King said...

You are very talented! I loved this. Love Jones is also one of my favorite movies!

Sonya C. Triggs said...

I recently saw Love Jones with my boyfriend, and it reminded me again of all the ups and downs involved with true romance. Yeah - I remember my 'purple rain' moments as well.....

Oh, you sell any of your art? I really like both pictures.

ms mimi the mocha soulchild said...

Thanks Sonya: You know I never thought about selling it, to tell you the truth. It is just a nice little way for me to be sort of creative sometimes...but maybe I should think about it.

My sister is a wonderful artist and we've talked about collaborating on a few of my poetry projects.