Tuesday, December 01, 2009

bitter rinds


is the dried and fully fermented fatty seed

of the cacao tree

from which chocolate is made

typically with a machete

pulp and cocoa seeds

are removed

and the rind is discarded

You must always handle wrath carefully,

In order to separate the curse from the crème

But the fool

walks in the bitters

ego sticking to his feet

like chocolate

with no sugar to cull

and humble

the tart

a chocolatier refined yet without history

nor recipe;

definitely not a chocolate-maker

for these are two different things;

the quick man opens

harvested pods are opened

eating it all,

rinds and seeds and pulp

before it liquefies

he thinks to himself,

I will be first,

he picks patience

and shoves it pass his lips

never tasting it

what was once herbal medicine

he sips in a strong hot cup

that burns the tongue

but chills the ribs

when they try to warn him

that too much, of even this treasured sweet

is poison

doesn't bother to laugh at irony

of old men who have tamed the seeds all their life

their laughter light, and creamy

like time

i guess

to a dying man

a sense of

humor is always first to go?

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