Saturday, December 01, 2007

twin souls

i did not realize how wide the wound was
until it spread through my past
huddled in the footsteps
of love
walking death row
to a secret hide away
named abandonment

them always leaving before coming
me always loving before trusting...

I did not realize how wide the wound was
until it showed up at the door of my lips
smiling sweetly

until it reached over through my hands
and touched her
my sister, my best friend

she is love; i am peace

together we slay armies of enemies
with the Word wound tightly
between us
our souls knit together
tow breaths into one cool evening rustle
the most meticulous hustle --- life
by a calling of the most high

and i realized God placed me in her life
to be her eyes
you are my first friend, my first love
she says...her eyes darkened with the stain
of the fists and ravaging effects
of those who took the pearl of her small womb

and strung them coldly with other hurts
in a tightly packed collection her beauty shines
only matched by the innocence

that remained untouched by the plundering
princes of light takers

She sharpens my own fearful sentences against me
saying she has a word
"it is about your mom.."
I freeze, stuck in my own heartbreak.

She holds my hand with such a grip
that my soul stills,
but my mind pealsaway from her
raw with requisition

I feel as if I am a starving man shown his last me
alI tell her my fears, couched and cowering.

Her eyes grow wide and raw
"Please, her hands say, the grip tightening
Don't take away my home..."

I didn't realize how wide the wound was
until it touched hers
twin souls, we sit

waiting for the small greatness of God's grace
to heal the warriors who will
heal the world

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