Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Who Am I, Lord?

You're my messenger
You're my leader.
You are the person I send into the battle when the road is tough, and the resources are few.
You're my healer. My water bearer.
My fire starter.
You kindle in others what I have kindled in you.
You are my nurturer.
You are the one that I have set aside for the special day of atonement.
You are my deliverer.
I send you into the dark caverns to be my light.
You are my scribe.

My lover of justice.
My creative spirit.
My voiceless voice.
My pure and adultrated mercy.

You are my child.

I created you to be my passion.
I formed you to be my kindness.
I made you in my image.
I marveled at your beauty, a reflecting pool of my own self.

I own your soul alone.
I bring you peace alone.
I share your world alone.

I made you to be perfected in my image.

You are my child.

My precious child.
You were born to give the world my joy.

If you ever should doubt who you are,
you need only look to me.

For who is like Elohim?

You were made to love me.
I exist to love you.

This is the sole purpose for your being.

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