Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Last Reminder (In memory of Jeannie Guzman)

Use me
Use me until I am all used
Until there is nothing left to squeeze
To empty
To hold
Use my laughter to water your garden
In the winter
And my tears to wet
The curved faces and arms of a churlish summer
Lace every memory of me you ever found
Until it gleams like hope
And wear it on dates
Until one day white and wedded with hope
You walk
Use me
Until my sweat becomes
The levy that leaves
The dry land dancing
With wet
Use me
Until my name no longer
Sounds like me
It sounds like thee
Until my love no longer
But lays down
Before you
Lighting a pathway to
If you really love me, remember me
And use me
until another uses you
until the rhythmic interlock
of time and space
becomes as it always should have been
full of music lessons

Yes, use me
My love
Until I am all gone
Then I will
never really
be far away

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