Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Esau's brew in A minor

A woman, I loved once
Even her soundless quiet
towers the smallest soul
In stalking feet

“Who stole the soul
From its home?” she sings in stormy colored
hurricane harmonies

Six silver steel strings are dressed and waiting
Fresh sticks are ready for rhythm breaking
Skin caresses twinkling saxophones
punch drunk with electric breath
Tendriled keys with girlish pitches
fish for a tune to bait
aquarian hips set in sizzling shimmering swaybacks

out of the whole of mouth, however,
is a formless voice that gives no wind--

There is a woman I once loved.
the spirit of her softest kiss
levied oaks and willows
her wail unearths the dead from their respite
her tears call forth the moonlight that lie upon lakes
they spill into the streets
augmented by bruised blackness
mistaken for blues

she undresses my memory
until I am naked with the shame of
my past
in a minor
she gives me all of her
thick body
in wide blues and violets and greens and reds
riveting praise

I am a bevy of her
Subject to her verbed word
In human form
I am unchaste
From the unrequited stickiness
Between the man that i am that which I could be
She speaks in song, a roaring rubble---
Lengthening my longing with heavy lips
i am flattened
by the spiteful difference

There is a woman, whom I once loved,
once loved me.

I left her
In a dim corner
The brightest light
In Philadelphia
The stillborn star of free will

I am unworthy, even of her hate.

Tonight, I will touch you
love you
hope you are her
pray that I am me
But in that still moment
when you call my name

I hear her,
love her
so loudly.

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