Sunday, November 19, 2006

Fusion (coming together)

Tasting the weight of my own
I was satisfied
beacause I was redeemed

How much would it cost you
to dream your own dream?
Live your own life?
Is all that you are and will ever be
Wrapped up in your potentiality
Or are you just yearning
To be free
From the potential
I see

If time were to reach over and touch itself
And all that was left was the
scent of utter expectation
petal soft and sweet
but deep like death
would it smell as sweet once your breathed the last breath
would you even expect to breathe it in
I’m saying this young men
Before you get locked into
Your potential, unrealized

What is a measure of a man’s worth
If not his worth
Not net worth
But expect worth
Expect that worth is worth something
Not because it is assigned
Or taken
But because it is lived

If you go to try to buy your soul
You’ll discover that you will never be able to pay the price
Of something which you live in
But don’t own

Do you live with the
Gloat of your ghosts
Of dreams that your dreamed so well
That you could almost smell
But have not lived to tell?
Is it so easy to live and die
From what we barter and sell
For 30 sheckles and a prize

Is your God given potential
Simply a token prize
That you wear around your neck
To show the next man
That you, could be
That you would be
Can be taken if tried?

With every living breath of
All the tears of mothers who birthed sons who have died
Keeping their eyes on an unwinnable prize

(spoken and sung)
With every prayer that God hears
More frequent than gunshots
And lots
Cast for the man that deep down
You think you could never be
Inked by destiny
Potentially, realized?
Is the man you long to be the one that stares you in your eyes
When you reflect
Or have you become the enemy
You protect?

But oh how I long to see you fly
In your worth
That is so prized
That even God died
That one
The rebellious, unloved son
Resillent repentance is in the way
A father takes his son by the shoulders
And say I understand
I believe you can be the man you dream you can
Think you can
Not by power, or by might, but by the stripes
Of my hand

That mold you
Holds you
Consoles the spirit of what
You gave up so long ago to an enemy
That will take it from you
That keeps on taking it and taking it and taking it
And deny the charge
That sold you an empty bag
And left

Flesh of my flesh
Breath of my breath
God gave you potential
Not to sell it
But to use it
Not to sell it
But to use it
Not to sell it
But to use it
The potential of your soul is already bought

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you are very talented. i enjoy reading