Saturday, November 19, 2005

the beauty that souls wear (2005)

The beauty that souls wear
for every woman in the world

In the stillness of time
some women wear it as their signature piece
that slides on easily, as if it were made to fit
never, ever, resisted by
or weight fluctuations
or the general fall of youth
like autumn leaves to a snowy ground

this beauty is found

it glows with the effervescence of bright mornings
a cuba

this beauty is in motion
it is the meringue, the two step, and the bump
a melange of stevie wonder songs covered in jazz and a touch of poetry, behind the congo

this beauty
and flows with the smoothness of
sweet waters rushing
as soft and lilting as a lover's praise
as he admires his flawed self in woman form
and lives to drink her breath

it is the last thing to go before
nothing is left

and avoids the controlling gaze of a photographer's eye
this beauty is one that cleanses, uplifts, draws in, draws out
of the water
and like moses,
it causes unlikely love
that bring miracles to bear

this is the beauty that souls wear

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