Friday, April 29, 2005

Weekend Poetry (Saturday)

Another Day

Walking through
Still walls of silence
Hands yearning to touch
distant scarves of green fields

Drinking from earthen cups
Of otherness
Pregnant with a thought
That life
Always yields

Give us today to drink with abandon
To allow our minds to be dressed in the
Scarlet sashes of an Atlantis sunrise
To eat the gleaming grapes
That blistered our fingers
And pricked our thumbs
If only to know
That human wounds heal more quickly
than vineyards
But the earth gives
As much as we take from it, if not more…

So today
Let us be beloved by the laity of lilies
And dress ourselves in dandelions
Wash our feet in the running tide of
The same rain that has fallen since the first
Let us be the tenders of the gardens
That our foremothers found
Mark our bodies not with fear
But with the
of the age

Here we are
Chosen, but not appointed
Cast, but not crowned
Each crop watered
Is a lover to the tender
Blossom lips kissing the center
Of an ideal that unfolds
from the harshest soil
With the sweetest scent

And while
This season is
Bare boned
This crop
Is yet to be picked.

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